A downloadable game for Windows

Whoops! Looks like you got caught getting into mischief- take control and jump, run, and dash your way through city buildings and sprawling rooftops. Make sure to avoid those vicious robo-dog turrets too; their lasers definitely pack more blast than bark.


  •  ←/→ or A/D = Run
  • Space = Jump
  • Ctrl = Crouch
  • Shift = Wallgrab
  • F = Dash
  • E = Parry


  • A = Jump
  • B = Crouch
  • X = Wallgrab
  • Y = Dash
  • RB = Parry

@raysoyama/ Ray Soyama / Programmer

@OutRiderLive/ Daniel Osgood / Programmer

@caliber5 / Caleb Shaw / Lead environment artist

@extyrannomon / Milo Moore / Character artist + animator

@tbenton / Travis Benton / VFX  artist

@TravisPFisk/ Travis Fisk / Character rigger + animator

Music Featured:

Xenon - Peter Chang

Machine Joy - Huskotron

Progress - Don't B Flat

Technotron - b.trx


ICTR_Build_Final1.rar 162 MB


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It's a great visual! although it's a bit confusing as to where I should go sometimes and get stuck a few times (since you've multiple routes, similar to sonic). I feel like it'll be better if you lighten up the path that can be travel so that it's easier to tell for players.